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"The Father's Recipe for Personal Finance: A Believer's Guide"
by Antoine C. Boyd

The story is told of a godly father giving advice to his two adolescent children while they are preparing a family meal. They have a phenomenal new recipe to try as well as an enlightening conversation about personal finance. The father answers several questions the teenagers have regarding money management, retirement plans, debt, and a few other things that are relevant to the subject. He explains it in a very basic and biblical way so that any teenager or young adult should be able to grasp. His prayer is that these principles can be passed down from generation to generation in order for his family to always be well positioned economically.

-This short story is definitely designed for families who want to learn and teach their younger members about managing money. A must read for people of faith who want to know more about personal finance basics and be able to share it with loved ones, neighbors, students, churches, bible study groups, etc. Inexpensive purchase on Amazon with the Paperback for under $10 and the Kindle version for $4.99. Worth it!

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